The Rex Group, belonging to the Chirimar family, is a 5-generation old group that owns businesses in tea production, exports, hospitality, foodservice distribution and e-commerce. It was formerly known as Raghunath Exports.


our ventures

Tea Export (to more than 40 countries): Raghunath Exports Pvt. Ltd., 

Raghunath Exporters, Tridev Packers

Tea Production: Camellia Tea Group Pvt. Ltd., Ramanuggur Tea Estate, Singtom Tea Estate, Steinthal Tea Estate

Foodservice Distribution:  Rex Agro Pvt. Ltd.

Hospitality: Singtom Tea Estate & Resort, DarjeelingRex Estates Pvt. Ltd.

Packaging: Calcutta Crown Private Limited

E-Commerce: Chai & MightySteinthal Trafford Pvt. Ltd.


1952: Entry into tea productions and exports

2011: Entry into foodservice distribution

2014: Entry into hospitality

2016: Entry in e-commerce (startups)



Teas by type: White, Green, Oolong, Black, Flavoured, Infusions, Chai


Teas by region: All parts of India, China, Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka


Teas by certification: Organic, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ


Teas by quality: Specialty, Regular


Teas by flush: First, Second, Monsoon, Autumn, Winter


Teas by machinery: Orthodox, CTC


Teas by packing: Loose leaf, Tea bags

Teas by leaf size: Whole leaf, fannings, brokens

Click here to see our specialty tea catalogue.


Foodservice/HORECA: We supply our teas to the best 5-star hotels, restaurants and cafes all over the world. These tea are of all types. We develop training programs, tea menus, etc. for our customers as an additional service.

Co-packing: We offer co-packing services to certain customers.

Private Labelling: We develop private labels for certain esteemed customers, particularly 5-star hotels. 

Hospitality: Singtom Tea Resort (Darjeeling), one of India's first and only tea resorts, is our flagship venture in the hospitality industry. We have hosted more than 3000 people from 52 different countries since we opened our doors to the public in April 2014.


clients (india)

The Taj Group

The Oberoi Group

Hyatt Hotels


Note: This list is not exhaustive. It comprises some, but not all, of our clients in India.

clients (overseas)

Stash Tea

Damann Freres



Upton Tea



Note: This list is not exhaustive. It comprises some, but not all, of our overseas clients.



Our team comprises Mr. Mohan Chirimar, the flag bearer of the 4th generation of the Chirimar family's business interests, and his two sons Aditya and Anirudh, who are 5th generation entrepreneurs. We pride ourselves on being a family business group!

mohan chirimar

Managing Director

CA, B.Com, St. Xavier's College, Kolkata

One of India's most reputed tea tasters, Mohan looks after tea production, export, tasting, blending, procurement, marketing and sales of the group as a whole. He has been in this business for 40 years.

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Mohan, Aditya and Anirudh all sit in the same office, the headquarters of the group, based in Calcutta, India. They believe in taking the family business forward together, with Mohan guiding his sons along the way.

aditya chirimar


B.A. Cornell University

Mohan's elder son, Aditya looks after hospitality, foodservice distribution, e-commerce, co-packing, private labelling, business development and product development

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anirudh chirimar


B. Sc. The University of Edinburgh

Mohan's younger son, Anirudh looks after end-to-end solutions for all tea bag-related operations

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